Journey Chair

by Airture



The furniture label Airture [er’tür] by Inge Zehetner together with architect Gerd Zehetner is a small company that gives rise to new perspectives of furniture under the slogan “The other side of furniture“. Whilst the geographical and financial distance between manufacturers and customers becomes greater, Airture strives for the very opposite – design, marketing and production all within distances that can be cycled. The manufacturing concept is celebrated and practised with the family-run business Kohlmaier Wien.

The Journey Chair is a statement against the madness that is packaging and the packaging itself forms part of the design. The convertible box is part of the design that forms a table by splitting it apart from the upholstered armchair. Turn the armchair and it becomes a table chair. A small pouf is included for extra comfort. The rough exterior with scratches and marks left from trips will tell an excellent story. The elegant, luxurious upholstery contrasting inside makes this design a unique creation.



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