Gold rim bowls, gold bowls & grey porcelain bowls

by Andrea Baumann



The Andrea Baumann factory is a one-woman enterprise in Sistrans/Tyrol (A). All products are designed, manufactured and marketed by Andrea Baumann herself. Each item is handmade, thereby receiving its individual form. The materials are characterised by their transparency and brilliance. The objects fascinate with their tremendous stability, which nevertheless has a look of fragility.

The gold rim bowls, gold bowls and grey porcelain bowls are shaped by hand with Limoges porcelain. Shaping by hand without the pottery wheel creates an irregular thickness of the bowl walls and therefore the organic individual shape of each item. The bowls are fired at 1,240°C and gilded at 800°C. The essential quality of the porcelain is its transparency and how it reflects the light. All products are designed for use and are dishwasher-proof.



Copyright Andrea Baumann