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Bedmen develops furniture and accessories, especially for the bedroom. What makes Bedmen so special is the fact that the inhabitants’ basic needs form the basis of the structure and design of all Bedmen products. The bedroom therefore becomes somewhere very unique and personal indeed, where you simply feel at home. In this regard, each and every Bedmen product allows you to visually relax, helping you to sleep and recuperate better too. All products are made in wonderful Upper Austria using the very best materials and production techniques. Thomas Reitinger hopes you have a peaceful and restful night’s sleep!

The G-Box is for perfectionists who are organised right down to the smallest of details. It can hold everything, from a good magazine, to a thrilling novel, and even jewellery… You haven’t finished reading the book yet, and don’t want to lose your place – so into the G-Box it goes, where there is a place for everything in a completely clear and structured manner.


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