by Delugan Meissl Industrial Design
for BRAUN Lockenhaus



BRAUN Lockenhaus is a subsidiary of SCHNEEWEISS AG based in Lockenhaus (A). The established brand is best known for its premium products. For more than 90 years, BRAUN Lockenhaus has offered sophisticated craftsmanship “made in Austria” through the manufacture of functional armchairs, chairs and table systems as well as by customised interior fitting. With tendo and li-lith, BRAUN Lockenhaus presented new premium products designed by Austrian designers at Orgatec 2014.

tendo blends the filigree wooden construction with the metal support structure, thereby combining graceful elegance and stability. The combination of wood and stainless steel gives tendo a special touch of lightness. The material and form produce a shell chair that is extremely comfortable and easy to handle. Precise balancing of the material properties for their respective functions enables the eco-friendly configuration of all components.

**Featured by the Austrian Furniture Industry – moebel.at


Designer: www.dmaa.at
Producer: www.braunlockenhaus.at

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