Fine Dining Table

by chmara.rosinke



chmara.rosinke design, direct and execute objects, interiors and pop-ups from concept through to creation. They strive to combine craftsmanship with a conceptual approach, realising both commissioned and self-inititated projects. Many of their works are inspired by functional and socio-cultural aspects and are trying to translate observations into objects after its analysis and research. In their designs, chmara.rosinke pay a lot of attention to details and the emotions objects and spaces arouse in people. Above all, aesthetics are seen as an important sustainability factor.

Fine Dining Table is a contemporary interpretation of the one leg coffeehouse or restaurant table. The appeal of this furniture piece lies in its simple elegance and constructive aesthetics. The table is available in different sizes. The table leg can be chosen either in brushed brass or blackened and oiled steel. The tabletops are available in Carrara marble, oiled ash, or fire blackened and varnished pine. Special orders in colour or material are possi-ble.



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