by Clemens Hanserl



Clemens Hanserl grew up in Steyr and Attersee. He attended the Technical College for Furniture Construction and Interior Design in Hallstatt. He then decided to complete a degree in Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, which he passed with distinction. His work has been exhibited as an eye-catching feature at Vienna Design Week, World Best Design Exchange Seoul (KR), ArtDesign Feldkirch and the Vienna Design Week Embassies in Prague (CZ) and Berlin (D).

The Parabol / Parabola series of bowls was designed from the need to create a monolithic, functional object for presenting foods in an attractive manner. Both the size and the shape of the bowls fit in perfectly with the surroundings and guarantee that foods will be stored and presented in the best way possible. The bowls are made up of two metal blanks joined to form a hollow, which firstly allows foods to cool and secondly to retain heat.

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