by Eichinger Offices
for BRAUN Lockenhaus



Gregor Eichinger was born in Austria and studied architecture in Vienna where many of his passions also originated. Eichinger is known for designing spaces in which people are free to evolve. His extensive work can be found across the globe and throughout Europe. One of his most renowned characteristics is that he treats each project with the passion of his first; each project is yet another opportunity to bring a unique creation into the world.

li-lith was originally created for the Viennese gastronomy sector so that ladiesĀ“ handbags could be stored safely. Characteristic features of the wooden stool include its lightness and filigree curved armrest, which together with the broad seat surface ensures secure storage of handbags. li-lith can be produced in many different colours and patterns and can therefore be adapted to existing rooms and corporate designs.



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