Feel like home

by Lena Bauernberger
for eL Be Keramik Dekor



Under the company name eL Be, Lena Bauernberger designs patterns for pottery and produces them in small series in Lower Austria. She paints on ceramic ingots in a special traditional technique and she also combines ceramic with leather, wood, glass, textile and metal elements. Unique everyday objects are thus produced, characterised by simplicity in appearance and use, made with humour and attention to detail. Many works can be personalised to customers request.

Feel like home is the leading accessory for living areas, business premises, hotels and various public spaces. A rectangular ceramic vase and a lamp base are painted by hand with the floor plan of the client, scale and all the details required for the guest to navigate. Guests feel welcome and can use the control system to their orientation. Consoles and sideboards are a perfect location for the objects, as the vase and lamp have a small depth. The aesthetics of the floor plans is thus combined with practical benefits.


Producer: www.el-be.at

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