Geba carpets

by Harald Geba
for Geba



Since opening its doors in the historic centre of Graz (A) in 1987, the Geba carpet company has been a major player in the international carpet design scene. Inspired by modern art and architecture, Harald Geba decided to rethink the carpet from the very outset. Since then, Geba carpets have combined timeless design with traditional craftsmanship. The carpets are designed by business owner and founder Harald Geba himself. Geba carpets are handcrafted in fair-trade certified partner studios in Nepal.

From traditional colour symbolism to modern art to contemporary street art, the inspiration for the Art collection of carpets is as diverse as the carpets themselves. Floral patterns are found in oriental, Asian and African carpets and textiles all over the world. The inspiration for the Vintage collection comes from a wide range of classic oriental and Asian carpets. Minimalist design, clear, concise, understated.



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