by Robert Comploj
for Glashütte Comploj



Glashütte Comploj opened in Traun (Upper Austria) in 2013; it is both an exhibition workshop and a gallery. The special technology used during the manufacturing process means that the glassworks is the only one of its kind in Austria. Robert Comploj draws upon centuries-old knowledge, which he combines with modern design and bold colours. The result is the very best in glasswork: from the vase to the installation, each glass object is a handmade, unique product with its own unmistakeable character.

How do you capture the sounds of the sea? How do you illustrate the hustle, bustle and colour of a marketplace? Comploj looks for ways to give life to moods, noises and atmospheres. In this regard, his influences include old Venetian techniques and modern Scandinavian design. So just like each individual wave in the sea, each glass object should be unmistakeably unique.

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