iconic creative carport

by Carina Riepl & Constantin Vallery
for iconic



iconic’s core skill lies is the interdisciplinary development and implementation of products in terms of technology, design, architecture and material sciences in the field of metal and mechatronics. iconic design takes you aback with its form and function, which is a result of its tailoring to customer requirements. iconic is supported by AWS.

The unsupported iconic creative carport for self-assembly is manufactured to the highest quality. It is “form follows function” design – a structure of startling simplicity and impressive functionality, resulting from the satisfaction of the customer requirements. The carport also provides a space for creativity and electrifying design that plays with pure excitement and dynamics. It is simple, smart and stable, which means that it is easy to build, manufactured to the highest quality level and targeted at e-mobility with an entirely new type of lightweight photovoltaic. Be iconic.

**Young talent


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