Cutlery No. 192

by Thomas Feichtner
for Jarosinski & Vaugoin



The silversmith Jarosinski & Vaugoin dates back to the year 1847 in Vienna, the heart of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy and is the global leader for gold and silver ware production. Carl Vaugoin specialised in heavy handmade cutlery early on and set a benchmark for the successful, high quality silver production today.

The longstanding silver manufactory of Jarosinski & Vaugoin has been producing high-quality cutlery since 1847. In creating the design for No. 192, Thomas Feichtner drew inspiration from classic manufacturing methods for producing such utensils by hand. Feichtner’s formal approach that employs a clever combination of clear surfaces and radiuses is at the forefront of this. Two phases run diametrically into one another lending this cutlery a highly individual character. No. 192 is the newest of 192 different cutlery sets by Jarosinski & Vaugoin.



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