Fe / Zn

by Dejana Kabiljo
for Kabiljo Inc.



Kabiljo Inc. designs and produces objects for those with peculiarities, bad habits and obsessions. The works of Kabiljo Inc. seek innovation on the level of human behaviour. As a result, materials are burnt, bleached, crimped, spilt, bent and turned into gold until they fit into place. Simple things are created for our complex times; nice, irony-free and celebratory.

Ferrum / zinc, armchairs and stools
came out of the Fe / Au collection.
What does design have to offer in the year 2015?
Some spring wire and time.
Fe / Zn is a protest in object form.
It defines issues of our times, questioning our aesthetic and political demands on art and design.
The spring coils, bare of all frills, simple and honest,
cut into the flesh of our present tense, carrying their silent threat out of the shadows.
Fe / Zn is a story of creation – lively, vibrant and dangerous.


Designer: kabiljo.com

Copyright Kabiljo Inc.