Landtmann Collection

for Landtmann’s feine Patisserie



Landtmann’s feine Patisserie is a modern Viennese speciality manufacturer. Whether it‘s the original apple strudel or the Gugelhupf, hand-made Viennese cake art and other specialties are celebrated here. The sweet delicacies are mainly made for its sister coffeehouses including the famous Viennese Café Landtmann. The development of the Landtmann Collection, a new specialty design cake line, is the third successful cooperation with the design studio LUCY.D.

Pure pleasure, in both taste and visual terms, is what the Landtmann cake collection offers. The designers of LUCY.D along with Landtmann’s feine Patisserie have developed a new cake line. Contemporary design meets high-art patissier. The patisserie is a space for experimentation; the cakes are cut with a water jet and sprayed with an airbrush, but they are also decorated in accordance with traditional patisserie craftsmanship. Size, shapes, decorations, colours and flavours can be combined to create a virtually limitless number of possibilities. Whether it is a birthday or a wedding – size, shape, decoration, colours and flavours can be combined almost infinitely.



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