Drinking set no. 248 “Loos”

by Adolf Loos
for Lobmeyr



In 1823, master glazier Josef Lobmeyr opened his first little glass business in the heart of Vienna. Since then, six generations have unveiled the miracle of glass. Together with designers like Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos, Ted Muehling, Marco Dessí, POLKA, Mark Braun, Sebastian Menschhorn and Formafantasma, classic pieces of handmade crystal and chandeliers emerged, which are appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world. Lobmeyr crystal can be found in collections like the MoMA New York (USA), V&A London (UK) and the MAK in Vienna.

With his clear, uncompromising concept of form, architect Adolf Loos was way ahead of his time. This tumbler service has the characteristic diamond-cut at the base. Each line is cut by hand and carefully matt-polished. The series paved the way for modern glass design, a Lobmeyr classic since 1931. The well-documented design process started with a sketch showing five tumblers. Those have been executed recently and converted into the final series.


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