Lohner LEA

by Valentin Vodev
for Lohnerwerke



Mobility begins in the mind! Lohnerwerke was founded in 1821 in Vienna. Starting out as carriage builders – in 1900 the world’s first electric car, the Lohner-Porsche, was built –, they went on to specialise in aircrafts, mopeds and scooters. In 2010, after a 40-year break, Andreas Lohner re-established Lohnerwerke. He is inspired to build something futuristic with excellent design. The result is double-seater e-bikes and scooters for urban life, with electric engines – calm, passionate, aesthetical and free of harmful emissions. Lohner mobility for the urban value of living.

Lohner LEA is linked to the success story of the L125 scooter in the 1950s. Designer Valentin Vodev has, to some extent, taken on board characteristics of the L125, but completely reinterpreting it. Large side surfaces, an imposing front and the elegant lines make the LEA stand out from common or garden scooters. Its appearance is solid and stable, giving a feeling of security and standing out as an elegant piece of work. Cruising through the city with this powerful electric scooter is a truly enjoyable experience.


Designer: www.valentinvodev.com
Producer: www.lohner.at

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