Lohner Stroler

by Clarissa Prunbauer
for Lohnerwerke



Mobility begins in the mind! Lohnerwerke was founded in 1821 in Vienna. Starting out as carriage builders – in 1900 the world’s first electric car, the Lohner-Porsche, was built –, they went on to specialise in aircrafts, mopeds and scooters. In 2010, after a 40-year break, Andreas Lohner re-established Lohnerwerke. He is inspired to build something futuristic with excellent design. The result is double-seater e-bikes and scooters for urban life, with electric engines – calm, passionate, aesthetical and free of harmful emissions. Lohner mobility for the urban value of living.

The e-bike, in all its facets, was invented long ago – the moped is no longer contemporary. The e-bike therefore had to be improved by providing more functionality – in particular by fitting two seats – and the moped had to be adapted in order to be quiet and free of harmful emissions. This combination led to a new class of vehicle: the Lohner Stroler - a two-seater e-bike with storage space. Its unique design blends urban lifestyle with emotion, thanks to a high-performance electric drive.


Producer: www.lohner.at

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