Undefined objects

by Romin Heide
for Neue Wiener Werkstaette



Tradition, craftsmanship and design; Neue Wiener Werkstaette produces high quality furniture, upholstery, windows and doors both for the residential and the public sector. Since 1927, the family-owned company has been combining outstanding design and high quality craftsmanship. The products are developed together with internationally successful designers and architects and are manufactured in the production plants in Southern Austria. Neue Wiener Werkstaette (NWW) initiated the NWW Design Award, an award for creative interior design.

The Undefined Objects series’ pieces can be stacked and assembled in various combinations in a simple and playful way. In doing this, they gain different meanings and there are different possibilities for use. With the materials used, various connotations for diverse ways of use are brought about. Different objects are the result; from basic containers and vessels to small furniture that is useable in many ways.


Producer: www.nww.at

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