by Anna Popelka & Georg Poduschka
for PPAG



PPAG stands for outstanding quality of architecture and design and for a committed approach from conception until transfer. PPAG is active in all areas of architecture and design, in all dimensions, from furniture design to urban development. Every task is tackled as if it were a prototype. PPAG is also committed to research and development. Expert solutions are ensured by collaborating with consultants and companies.

Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka, the inventors of the Enzi, developed a new, multifunctional urban element. Each Twin is made out of two identical units that can be combined with the two primary compositions – duck and swan. The elements are made out of hollow polyethylene shapes in the sizes medium and large that can be filled with water and sand to prevent movement by any third parties. Similar to its predecessor, the Enzi, the Twins provoke performative reactions in the users. The combinatorics of the Twins is greatly versatile; according to the number of used outdoor seating elements, a wide variety of combinations can be formed by aligning the length side or width side of a single Twin. The Twins were first used at the central cultural area of Košice (SK), European Cultural Capital of the year 2013.



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