ROBEN is a young Franco-Austrian artist designer with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design. He gained recognition with his first exhibition in Milan (I) when he was selected for the prestigious Salone Satellite in 2012 by Marva Griffin. This allowed him to have more expositions in Paris, London and other European cities, and to collaborate with Lidewij Edelkoort and Rubelli. Recently, he was curated by Rossana Orlandi at the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid (S). His motto is “less ordinary design for more ordinary art”.

Tablet and smartphone holder
Tablet and smartphone holder series Abendland finds its inspiration in the traditional alpine landscapes, symbols of artisanal expertise and progress in attuning to nature. The product is the result of research on the role and use of tablets and smartphones within living spaces. Shaped like a house, they are a glimpse into tomorrow’s fully connected homes.


Designer: www.roben.fr

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