Titan Pure

by Silhouette



What began in 1964 with a vision – eyewear as an accessory – has today become the world’s leading brand in lightweight quality eyewear: Silhouette. Under this brand, the lightest eyewear in the world is produced in Austria with a great love for detail. Most of the eyewear is handcrafted, given an individual design using only the best materials and state-of-the-art technologies, and exported to 100 countries around the globe. In 1999, Silhouette revolutionised the world of eyewear with Titan Min-imal Art, which weighed just 1.8 grams and featured no rims, screws or hinges. Silhouette eyewear has accompanied astronauts into outer space on 35 missions, has travelled around the world with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and is worn by a number of household names in entertainment, business, politics and lifestyle.

How can you improve and further minimalize eyewear that has already been divested of everything superfluous? This question was at the heart of the development process for the new Titan Pure sunglasses. The answer was found in an innovative adhesive technology whereby the flexible titanium temple is attached directly to the lens. The result: technique takes a back seat to give priority to aesthetics. Thanks to big sun lenses and innovative workmanship, serene moments in the sunshine are a certainty.


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