Scattered Servant

by Kim+Heep
for spolia.



Rediscover, translate, reshape. Based on the premise that historical building materials are of special value, spolia. makes a point of misappropriating valuable materials and setting them in a contemporary context. In this way, spolia. harks back to an old cultural strategy of reusing architectural heritage and poses a unique challenge to designers. The result of this is limited editions of selected furniture and objects in which the historical structural elements take centre stage.

The project Scattered Servant is the result of the pleasure of rediscovery, translation and repurposing. The raw material is the 130-year-old star parquet panel flooring of a Viennese piano nobile, which was saved from demolition. No longer usable as flooring in its current condition, the designers have broken down the floor’s original symmetry and rearranged its basic modular components. With the play of reflected light between the individual oak veneer elements, the result remains true to the floor’s original aesthetic quality.



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