by Irene Maria Ganser Ulreich
for Studio Bellidea



Studio Bellidea was founded by Irene Maria Ganser and has offered innovative product design and design consulting, including the development of overall concepts in the field of interior design, since 2005. In her design work for products and interiors Ganser focuses on natural materials, values and consistency, taking full advantage of her expertise in certified “green” products and materials as well as in upcycling. This allows the interior designer to come up with a harmonious and often eclectic mix, which not only caters to the function of the individual room, but also to the basic human need to feel at ease in a space.

The albeo lounge tables are made from brass; the surface is a wooden structure of brass. The lounge tables are available in different heights and are available as sculptures, surrounded completely with metal, or with a table base. They are also available in aluminium.



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