Pipes Lamp

by Thomas Feichtner
for Karboxx S.r.l.



Thomas Feichtner is an established Austrian designer. His work in the area of furniture and object design is halfway between industry and handicrafts, mass production and one-of-a-kinds and has been acquired by various design collections. Feichtner designed products for traditional crafters such as Lobmeyr, Neue Wiener Werkstaette, Jarosinski & Vaugoin, TON, Augarten and Carl Mertens, and undertook freelance projects in cooperation with Vitra and FSB. In the year 2011, he was awarded the Austrian State Award for Design. Thomas Feichtner lives and works in Vienna.

Pipes placed on top of each other to form a lamp. The simple but nonetheless refined concept of the Pipes Lamp underlies the design by Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner for the Italian lighting manufacturer Karboxx. Feichtner took bent pipe segments, all of differing lengths and with LEDs installed at both ends, and stacked them – each at a slight angle to its neighbors. The individual segments, themselves two-dimensional lines, are fanned out to form a round, more unified body. In this way, simply adding the segments together gives rise to a geometric light object.


Designer: www.thomasfeichtner.com
Producer: www.karboxx.com

Copyright Thomas Feichtner