SLIM Wood Collection

by Wolfgang Pichler



VITEO has been managed by co-founder Wolfgang Pichler since 2002. The company manufactures products for people who feel most at home in the outdoors. Nature is respected because it is the source of VITEO’s inspiration. Thanks to this philosophy, VITEO creates a huge variety of outdoor furniture. The company is only satisfied when it achieves the very best. For VITEO, top quality is an absolute must. The basis for each collection is natural and high-quality materials such as teak, stainless steel or the solid surface Corian®. VITEO furniture is designed and produced in Austria with the highest quality standards.

The emotion of an indoor piece of furniture is transferred to the exterior by mixing up the purist material Corian® with the warm material wood. An exciting look is created, as well as many possible applications, as both materials are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Corian® seat or top floats above an Iroko substructure and impresses with its lightness despite a maximum of stability. This collection is based on the highest quality of craftsmanship, which shows in detail.

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