by Vera Purtscher
for VPUR



VPUR creates rare niche products. Their customers are connoisseurs and darlings of fortune – endowed to discover the beautiful and rare. Mass and volume is not their thing. And although VPUR is a small company, they do not rest at the almost perfect level. They take the time, do their best and are pleased with the result and the satisfaction of their customers. The creations of VPUR mostly arise from the will and desire to improve, simplify and refurbish the everyday lives of their clients.

While attempting to put an end to the most frequent complaint of innkeepers – the expensive and annoying breakage of glass – VPUR reinvented the art of fine drinking. Not only functional and secure, SinStella embodies fascinating, elegant design. Usual breaking points are eliminated or reduced to an absolute minimum. The final design is a beautiful table accessory: SinStella, a small sculpture that glamorises every table. SinStella is an ideal, congenial partner for creative chefs, whose culinary art is continually served in new variations to surprise and enchant their guests.



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