by Big Game
for Wiener Silber Manufactur



Wiener Silber Manufactur’s history goes back more than 130 years. Founded in 1882, it became a partner to some of the main players in the Wiener Werkstaette (Viennese workshops). Today, it is the collaboration with internationally known contemporary artists and designers that determines the extraordinary and diverse product range of Wiener Silber Manufactur. Exclusive design, craftsmanship based on the methods of the traditional silver-smiths’ art and very high-quality silver guarantee extraordinary objects for those who value true exclusivity.

HAMMER lamp combines up-to-date lighting technology and traditional craftsmanship. The foot of the lamp is a technical component that includes a compact LED light source and holds a solid silver or gold-plated silver reflector that can be tilted in order to adjust the angle of the light. The reflector is made from a hand-hammered sheet of solid silver – a technique called martelé – and it gives the light a certain warmth. The lamp emphasises on the beauty of the material.


Designer: www.big-game.ch
Producer: www.wienersilbermanufactur.at

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